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3 Different Occasions that Require a One-Time Cleaning Service

Hiring a maid service makes sense for people who travel frequently, spend most of their days at the office, or are otherwise unable to perform routine house cleaning tasks . For most of us, regular home cleaning maintenance in no more than a slight hassle. But there are times when professional one-time cleaning is necessary. Consider when it may be beneficial to hire a maid service for a one-time cleaning. You might have helped out your friend, neighbor, or relative by taking care of their puppy for the weekend, but now your carpet is covered in stains from the front door to the bedroom. When this happens, you should consider putting your feet up and hiring a maid service to take care of those pesky, stubborn pet stains. Pet stains can reach the carpet pad and leave lingering odors, which are best handled by the professional cleaners. Broken Pipes or House Fire: Water and smoke will leave a lot of damage behind. Water damage causes your carpets to smell like mildew and grow mold, w

Household Cleaning Products May Do More Harm Than Good

In this age of super-consumption, marketers have trained us to seek out the brands that that deliver superlative benefits over the competitors… ”the tightest ship in the shipping industry”, “the ultimate driving machine”, “the greatest show on earth”, “the best a man can get”. We purchase these items thinking we are getting the most for our money, which will better our lives in some way. Sometimes more is not more. Consider household cleaning products. “Industrial strength” is one marketing-infused brand attribute that suggests cleaning products will make our homes cleaner and that the job will be done faster, or cheaper or all of the above. “Industrial strength,” tells us the cleaning product is so strong that it really doesn’t belong in our homes. As consumers, we are driven to want such products simply because we’re technically not supposed to have them! At least according to the marketers. The truth is many ingredients in the common household cleaning products we’

House Cleaning Tips Checklist

In the effort to make your house clean and comfortable you have to deal with cleaning tips that are reliable and essential. In order for you to have a clean house and get organize you need to follow a certain checklist. It has been found that you do not really need to clean on a weekly basis, this is referring to general cleaning, and of course you have to deal with the daily clutter. An excellent way to make your cleaning organize and in an excellent way you have to be ensured that everything is on its own place and this should be dealt with on a regular basis and set up a check list. It would be very beneficial if you have a checklist to be followed and also another person to help you will make it easier. For example, when you are living with other people in your flat, you have to organize a certain checklist to set rules and goals of cleaning every day. The checklist will be very easy to keep your goals and check what must be done today and on the following day. This may also be