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3 Different Occasions that Require a One-Time Cleaning Service

Hiring a maid service makes sense for people who travel frequently, spend most of their days at the office, or are otherwise unable to perform routine house cleaning tasks.

For most of us, regular home cleaning maintenance in no more than a slight hassle. But there are times when professional one-time cleaning is necessary. Consider when it may be beneficial to hire a maid service for a one-time cleaning.

You might have helped out your friend, neighbor, or relative by taking care of their puppy for the weekend, but now your carpet is covered in stains from the front door to the bedroom. When this happens, you should consider putting your feet up and hiring a maid service to take care of those pesky, stubborn pet stains. Pet stains can reach the carpet pad and leave lingering odors, which are best handled by the professional cleaners. Broken Pipes or House Fire: Water and smoke will leave a lot of damage behind. Water damage causes your carpets to smell like mildew and grow mold, while smoke odors can cling to every fiber in your home.

Call a cleaning service that offers damage restoration services. Hosting a Major Party: If you’re a social butterfly, then you probably keep your house company-ready at all times, but most of us don’t. This means we must tackle major cleaning projects to get our house in tip-top shape for guests. Whether it’s your in-laws or a high school friend stopping by for a weekend visit, you’ll want to impress them with your sparkling home. Hire a professional maid service that will get the job done right.


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